This Halloween discover some of the world’s most haunted golf courses – The ghostly greens! Golfscape introduces you to the most haunted golf courses in the world, that will leave you with goosebumps…even in warm weather. Let’s dive into the mysterious stories of golf courses that are graced with beautiful landscapes, yet

The White Witch Golf Club presents their first annual White Witch 2 person 66 and 6 Tournament Join us on Sunday, October 25th for a fun and scary day of Golf. 6 Holes best ball! 6 Holes Alternate Shot! 6 Holes Scramble! It’s the 2018 White Witch Halloween Golf Tournament and

Movies in the Park, the Rose Hall Great House Edition, is a thriller Halloween version of I love Mobay’s #MoviesinthePark series. Rose Hall partnered with the  I Love Mobay organization  in an effort to uphold and maintain the vision of increasing the love, respect and togetherness of the citizens of