About Rose Hall Developments Ltd.

In the 1960s, the late John Rollins, one of America’s most successful business entrepreneurs, fell in love with Jamaica and bought the original Rose Hall Plantation 7,000 acres of pristine land – majestic mountainside to alluring sea. The imposing Great House regained its former glory with an authentic architectural restoration that includes a magnificent collection of furnishings and décor reflecting 18th-century Colonial style.

The Rollins family vision has always been to transform the land into a tranquil paradise for themselves and for others seeking a Caribbean home by the sea. Today, Michele Rollins and her children continue John Rollins’ dream of creating a vacation colony of the highest quality. Elaborate holiday resorts and luxury vacation homes are the result of fifty years of nurturing the development of Rose Hall. As more kindred spirits arrive, they too find themselves enthralled by the magical spirit of Rose Hall.

Today Rose Hall, the Jewel of Montego Bay, abounds with award winning golf courses, five-star resorts, modern convention facilities, enchanting shopping opportunities and attractions to delight those who choose this piece of Jamaica.

Rose Hall Developments Ltd. with a team of over two hundred Jamaicans operate the Cinnamon Hill and White Witch Golf Courses, The Rose Hall and Cinnamon Hill Great Houses, provide water utility services to hotels and homes alike and continuously promote the area for further development to fulfil the original John Rollins dream.