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Health and Safety matter to us!

At Rose Hall (Developments) Limited (RHDL) we have always been committed to providing the highest quality and safest experiences for our guests and employees. Today, we have taken industry-leading steps to further improve and revamp our already strict quality controls and health and safety measures. An essential step, to guarantee the continued health and safety of all who visit our historical establishments. Whether it be at one of our Championship Golf Courses, at an International Event or one of our historical Great Houses, we will take care of every step of the way.
The aim, enhanced protocols that are effective in protecting our guests and team members while allowing for enjoyable, unforgettable experiences. We have paid close attention to the guidance of our regulators such as the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Ministry of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board and the Tourism Product Development Organization, as well as international oversight bodies such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and implemented their best practices.

Rose Hall Great House

At the Rose Hall Great House, the spirit of the legendary White Witch is all that you will need to be concerned with. Industry-leading best safety practises will follow you every step of the way as you walk in the footsteps of Annee Palmer. Social distancing and reduced tour sizes will be the standard along with stringent cleaning and sanitization protocols. The open-air nature of the magnificent Great House and the beautiful sun-lit landscapes will take you back to a different time.

  • Group size ratio will be a maximum of 10 guests: 1 tour guide.
  • Taxis and buses will be required to park in designated areas after dropping off guests.
  • Multilingual signs will be in place to guide best practices in social distancing and hygiene.
  • Tours will be spaced with appropriate time-lapse to facilitate the necessary sanitizing and cleaning processes between tours.
  • Rum tasting will facilitate a maximum of 10 persons per sitting and with sufficient spacing to adhere to the 6 feet apart requirement.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted on entering the property.
  • All guests will be required to sanitize hands and wear masks throughout the experience

Cinnamon Hill and White Witch Golf Courses

Vast open spaces, rolling fairways, immaculate greens and world-class design – together with knowledgeable, friendly team members make for the perfect stress relief getaway. Outdoors is the place to be and at Rose Hall Golf your safety is behind everything we do. Best practises from the worlds leading authorities will ensure that your only worry will be that last bogey or the next birdie.

  • All guests will be required to wear masks from the parking lot to the first tee.
  • Team members will no longer be allowed to hold a guest’s personal property while they are on the golf course.
  • A team member will now escort guests from bag drop to staging area and from bag drop to transportation pick up.
  • Guests will take their golf bag from vehicle to golf cart and vice versa (unless assistance is requested), in which case team members will sanitize before and after providing assistance.
  • Golf carts will be sanitized after use and deep cleaned at the end of each service.
  • Golf carts will be staged six feet apart.
  • Guests will be asked to drop off used towels in bins provided.
  • Guests will be allowed to play in groups of no more than four.
  • Caddies will only be available upon request.
  • Guests will no longer be required to rake bunkers but asked to smooth out as best as possible for the players to come.
  • It is recommended that guests leave flagsticks in the hole.

Weddings and Events

Rose Halls Wedding and Events Specialists are ready and waiting to welcome you back. Allow us to help plan your perfect event or gathering. Exclusive and exotic locations perfect for every event where safety and social distancing matters. Our specialists are trained in creating a worry-free environment and atmosphere putting the safety of you and your guests as the highest priority. Celebrate with us!!

    • Events attendees are to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet apart when entering and utilizing venues.
    • The maximum capacity for each venue will be predetermined considering seating arrangements and physical distancing guidelines.
    • Virtual wedding packages are on offer to limit physical gathering.
    • Our Ceremony Only package accommodates up to 10 persons inclusive of an interactive virtual set up for friends and family.
    • Clients are required to register attendees/guests and provide electronic copies of work material prior to the event where applicable.
    • Once a venue is booked it will be equipped with sanitizer stations including soap dispensers, hand towel dispensers and foot press bins.
    • Posters to guide proper hand washing procedure and physical distancing will be displayed throughout the venue.
    • All persons must sanitize hands upon entering and will be subject to thermal scanning.
    • All persons must always wear masks. Masks will be available for purchase should any patrons forget their own.

Rose Hall Venues Protocols

    • Venue will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after an event.
    • Routine cleaning will take place for frequently touched surfaces during the event.
    • Rented items will be cleaned before and after setup.
    • Team members present at an event will have adequately stocked First Aid Kits.
    • Restroom attendants will be assigned to each restroom to dispense hand sanitizer and maintain cleanliness of the restroom.

Beach Club

    • The beach will be accessed by a single entry from the restrooms.
    • Bathrooms are equipped with sensor-operated hand soap and hand towel dispensers.
    • Garbage disposal bins are strategically located on the beach, in restrooms and at the bar.
    • The bar is equipped with a hand sanitizer station and social distancing markers.
    • Routine cleaning and sanitization will be done with special attention to lounge chairs, shower curtains and general restroom and bar area once guests are present.

Team Training and Awareness

Our team members have been trained and duly sensitized to deliver the highest standard of service you have come to expect from Rose Hall (Developments) Limited. In addition to individual professional training and development in their field of speciality, staff members are trained and sensitized in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of interaction
  • Hygiene
  • Health and Safety
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Donning and doffing of PPE
  • Food Safety