The Top 5 Cinnamon Hill Golf Facts are both interesting and Intriguing! Cinnamon Hill is Voted one of the Caribbean’s Best Golf Courses and is the only course in Rose Hall with ocean front holes! The golf course is 350 feet above the Caribbean Sea and was Designed by Robert Von Hagge and Rick Baril to give a sense of both tropical and inland golf. Here are the top five interesting facts:

5. It is the only golf course in rose hall with ocean front holes! What does this mean? It means on 2 of the front 9 holes, you will be playing on the edge of the course with your back directly to the Caribbean Sea! AMAZING!

4. It is a historic site! There are remnants of Historic Aqueducts and sugar mill ruins on the course dating back to the 1600’s which is a time in Jamaica’s history when sugar production was dominant.

With your buddies by your side, golfing just went straight into sight-seeing and excursions!

3. Johnny Cash lived here! Off the 14th hole, sits the former home of country music legends Johnny Cash and June Carter-cash. Did you know that all their possessions are still in the home today? Oh yeah! from family pictures on top of Johnny Cash’s piano to June’s perfume!
Rose Hall Jamaica is currently offering a tour of their home.

Cinnamon Hill Great House Home of Johnny Cash. Rose Hall Jamaica
Cinnamon Hill Great House “Home of Johnny Cash”

2. There is a waterfall on the 15th hole! This waterfall was featured in the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die.”

Who remembers that scene? you might have to watch again to see it or just look at the picture below to jog your memory!

Cinnamon Hill Waterfall James Bond Live and Let Die.
Cinnamon Hill waterfall featured in the James Bond: Live and Let Die movie

Cinnamon Hill Golf Facts number 1!

There is a cemetery on the course! YUP! Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, former owner of the 1747 Estate – The Cinnamon Hill Great House, is buried on the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course.

Rose Hall Gre
Actual image of Annee Palmer’s Grave on the Rose Hall Great House Property, approximately 1 kilometer away from the Cemetery on the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

And now you know the top 5 Cinnamon Hill Golf Facts! Cinnamon Hill is committed to giving you a classic golf experience while protecting a rich cultural and natural environment.