We surveyed travellers on their holiday vacation plans and experiences. Vacationers find the end of the year a perfect time to unwind with loved ones and escape the seasonal hustle and bustle.

Holiday Headaches: What do Holiday travellers hate the most?
29% crowds, traffic, long lines, etc.
28% high cost of travel.
27% delayed flights.

Braving the Chaos
72% plan to journey more than 200 miles away for holiday trips and 35% will spend over $500 to reach their destination.

Where to spend the holiday?
For vacationers, the Caribbean Islands is the second-most popular destination, next to staying within the continental US.

Skipping Christmas
83% have gone on vacation in Lieu of the holidays at least once.
18% choose to escape the holiday madness every year.

What’s the most popular holiday vacation incentive?
42% want to unplug and spend quality time with family and friends.
32% want to avoid the expense of hosting parties and buying gifts.

Traveling and vacation for the 2018 holiday season

Ready to travel to Jamaica for Vacation this Holiday Season?

Here are some amazing activities to consider.

Rose Hall Great House and Cinnamon Hill Great House Tours
Golf at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course
Golf at the White Witch Golf Course